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Craft Expo: Pipe and Drape, Tent and Table Rental FAQ


How do I rent pipe and drape?
Pipe and Drape may be ordered through General Rental (Ed W.) 203-288-8271, until June 23. Ed will be happy to discuss any custom configurations.

What color do the drapes come in?
Black, Royal Blue, Ivory/Beige, Red, White and Sea Mist Green.

Can I rent just pipes and not drapes?

How big are the pipes?
Pipes are 8’ feet high and 10’ long with a diameter of approximately 1.5”. If you are sewing drapes to fit, make a 2” pocket to be safe.

Do I have to put the pipes together?
No, General Rental will assemble your pipe and drape. They fit together with a hook and slot, and can be taken apart to slide drapes onto the pipes.

Do the pipes have a base?
Yes, the pipes have a 1’ square flat steel base at the bottom for stability.

What time will my rental materials be delivered to my tent?
We are planning to have pipe and drape set up during the day on Thursday, July 12.

How do I rent a table?
Tables may be ordered on at any time before June 23. Tables will be delivered to your booth by Guilford Art Center staff.

  • Tables are $10.00 each, any length — 4’ 6’ or 8’.

What size tables are available for rent?
Tables are available in 4’ 6’ or 8’ lengths. They are 30’ wide and 30 inches high.

Can I pay for the tables offline?
Although we would prefer that you order them on, you may order tables by contacting Guilford Art Center and pay by either cash, check or credit card.

What is the price for the rentals? Prices are as follows:

  • Pipe and Drape: $4.50/foot Approximate cost to pipe and drape a 10×10’ booth (4 bases, 4 horizontal pipes, 4 upright pipes): 40’=$180.00. This includes a pipe across the top front of the booth for stability and it can also be used to hang lights or other items. Drapes cover 3 sides.
  • Pipe only: $6.00/bar. Pipe is approximately 1.5” in diameter. Approximate cost to pipe a 10 x 10’ non-corner booth: (4 uprights, 4 bases and 4 horizontals. 8 pipes, no drapes) $48.00  
  • expohookNEW: Pipe adapter hooks. If you want to add a fifth horizontal pipe across the center of your booth, you will need a separate adapter piece for this pipe to drop into. These adapters are available for purchase online for $6.95 each by contacting: Lacey Rucker at Camelback Displays: 877-268-7469.

How do I rent a tent?
10 x 10’ tents are available for rent from D.C. Hall Rental Service. They are not “easy-up” tents; they are staked tents. Please contact Dave Hall at 203 488-0383 for additional information.

What is the phone number for Dave Hall?
Office: 203-488-0383
Cell: 203-988-0106
Fax: 203-488-4964