Pottery Studio Opportunities

GAC’s ceramics studio offers 7 adult classes, children’s after-school classes, Home School pottery, and weekend workshops every semester; during the summer, we offer 9 weeks of clay and mixed media classes for children. Day and evening classes are scheduled Monday through Friday; practice sessions are generally offered on weekday afternoons and one weekend day. The studio is equipped with 12 wheels, a hand building table, 3 electric kilns, slab roller, extruder, outdoor downdraft gas kiln, raku kiln, and a glaze mixing room. We offer 4 clay bodies: white stoneware, brown stoneware, porcelain and red earthenware. There is a large selection of high and low temperature glazes, slips and washes for both high and low temperature firings.

Here are our current Pottery Studio opportunities:

The GAC pottery studio is accepting applications for the Studio Assistant Program, to assist with all aspects of running the studio. The position provides benefits and perks, entails a good deal of responsibility, and requires a substantial time commitment. Please contact Lisa Wolkow if you have any questions. We welcome your application due by November 30th.

Pottery Studio Assistant Agreement + Job Description (pdf)
Pottery Studio Assistant Application (pdf)

Guilford Art Center supports a pottery residency program for emerging artists. The residency is one year long, beginning September 2016. The position will provide opportunities, in the form of working time and space, for artists to develop their own ceramic art while contributing to the workings of a communal pottery studio in an educational environment.

• Download more information and application requirements here.