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3 Youth Classes Offered Next Week

Register now for our final week of summer youth classes!

Our photography class runs for 5 days; there is also a 1-day sculpture and 1-day clay class.
Register now and learn from GAC instructors from the comfort of your home!
See class descriptions and pricing HERE, and register HERE. All classes are virtual on Zoom.
Have a question? Contact us at info@guilfordartcenter.og, M-F.


 Upcoming Summer Youth Classes
Abstract Sculpture
Monday, August 24, 9:00 – 11:00am
Instructor: Claudia Mathison
What does abstract mean and what does a sculpture look like? Using our imagination and engineering skills we’ll cut, glue and embellish a 3D abstract work of art. Build it small, medium or large! Ages 6-12. Tuition $24; GAC members $21.60
Wednesday, August 26, 10:00 – 11:00am
Instructor: Megan Mayall
Do you hope to meet a fairy some day? If so, let’s start with a door! Create one from self-hardening clay which you can decorate and paint. Ages 5-12 Tuition $12; GAC members $10.80
August 24 – 28, 2:00-4:00pm
Instructor: Jonathan Weekes
Learn the basic skills of photography using a DSLR camera. Discuss camera controls and how to use them to get better photographs. We will cover using the aperture to control depth of field (focus) and the shutter to control motion (blur/freeze action). Creative assignments help explore framing and composition. We will go over editing of images for review in class every day. Ages 7-12. Tuition $120; GAC members $108