4 New Adult Classes Starting This Week

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There are 4 new adult classes starting this week. (We consider an adult aged 13 and older.) Need more for your kids this summer? We have lots of options for youth classes through the end of August. Register now and learn from GAC instructors from the comfort of your home! See class descriptions and pricing HERE, and register HERE. All classes are virtual on Zoom. Have a question? Contact us at info@guilfordartcenter.og, M-F.
4 Tuesdays beginning August 4. 11:30am-1:30pm
Instructor: Sharon Schmeidel
Have a sketchbook sitting around by have some reservations about getting started? This class is for YOU! Open to pencils, markers and watercolor. instructor will introduce ideas, give tips, share demos.
4 Thursdays beginning August 6. 11:30 am-1:30pm
Instructor: Lisa Arnold
Learn or reacquaint yourself with this very forgiving medium. Learn blending, scumbling, feathering and many other tips. Demos will help create dramatic or dreamy moods.
4 Thursdays beginning August 6. 6:30-8:30pm
Instructor: Jonathan Weekes
For those who are comfortable with their camera’s exposure controls and want to learn more. Explore the works of various photographers from different eras/styles/philosophies. Combine this with a creative assignment to gain a deeper understanding of what is possible with your camera.
4 Fridays beginning August 7 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Instructor: Jonathan Weekes
Basic mastery of digital camera controls and image composition can greatly improve the quality of your photographs. discuss exposure and proper use of aperture and shutter. We will focus on applying traditional analog photography techniques to the use of digital cameras. Bring a DSLR or mirrorless camera that has shutter and aperture control. Also discuss basic image correction using apps.
  YOUTH August 10-14 (1 & 4 day classes)
Learn about insects while creating fanciful caterpillar like creatures. Learn paper manipulation and embellishment techniques.
Instructor: Megan Mayall
Use air-dry class to make a nice gift for Mom. It can be as simple or complex as you wish.
Instructor: Claudia Mathison
Explore the art of nature through drawing, painting and crafts. Learn still life drawing and design, pattern, repetition and color in the natural world around you.
  YOUTH August 17-21 (1 day & week-long classes)
Instructor: Claudia Mathison
Learn about ships old and new while designing your own masted vessel and telescope.
Instructor: Megan Mayall
Young artists’ imagination will flow while creating a variety of projects themed around our beautiful shores and surrounding areas. Work in self-hardening clay, along with other materials to create sea themed wind chimes and your favorite fish and sea life.
Instructor: Megan Mayall
We’ll make some super cute monster inspired pinch pots with self-hardening clay. Make them silly or scary!
  YOUTH August 24-28 (1 day & week-long classes)
What does abstract mean and what does a sculpture look like We’ll cut, glue and embellish a 3D abstract work of art.
Instructor: Megan Mayall
Do you hope to meet a fairy some day? If so, let’s start with a door! Create one from self-hardening clay which you can decorate and paint.
Instructor: Jonathan Weekes
Learn the basic skills of photography using a DSLR camera. Discuss controls, aperture and shutter. Creative assignments help explore framing and composition.