GAC Ceramics Studio Covid-19 Protocols

Additional Safety Guidelines for GAC Ceramics Studio:

  • Only one person is allowed at a time per sink, at wedging tables, and in the electric kiln room.
  • Only two people are allowed at a time at the glaze table. Students should bring their own tools and supplies, including rolling pins, brushes, large cleaning sponges, and a bucket for water, slip and storage.
  • Use of shared equipment should be limited. When using shared equipment, students should wear gloves and equipment should be cleaned after use with provided cleaning materials (for example, extruder, slab roller, or when retrieving slop from recycle buckets.)
  • Antibacterial spray cleaner and paper towels will be provided throughout the studio. Students are asked to thoroughly clean their work area at the end of each class session, as well as any shared equipment.
  • Studio tables may be marked with specific work areas to space students accordingly. Students and faculty should not move wheels, tables/chairs or add chairs to the studio.
  • No drop-in visitors are allowed in the studio. Students should pick up ware only when they are in the studio for a class or practice session, not on a separate trip, as the number of people allowed in the studio at one time is restricted.