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Meet Randy Sonzoni, GAC Board of Director’s Newest Member

Randy has worked in Human Resources at Guilford Savings Bank since 2015, currently serving as AVP, Human Resources Supervisor. As part of his service to the Bank, he is a member of the DEI committee, Non-Profit Committee and various other committees whose sole focuses are to support GSB employees through collaboration, self-improvement and internal growth initiatives.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Connecticut State University, Randy also attended the Connecticut School of Finance & Management through the Connecticut Banker’s Association where he “graduated second in his class (don’t want to brag!)”.

The similarities between GAC and Guilford Savings Bank are part of what make Randy a great fit for the board. ” GAC, much like GSB, is community focused. Both of our organizations support our communities, with GAC helping promote participation in visual arts through education, exhibitions and outreach. It is very important to believe in the community and appreciate what others bring to the table. The fact that GAC and GSB have such a supportive relationship really drives me to want to continue to support the community and by becoming a member of GAC I feel I could do just that.”

Randy is an ardent and creative wood worker, and has made a lot of his own furniture for his home he shares with his wife Alison, daughter, Brooklyn and large but childish dog Milo. He is eager to explore the other creative studios at GAC, including the blacksmith’s forge.