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Craft Expo: FAQ (Hold)


• Address and Parking
• Check In and Set Up
• Booth Requirements
• Security
• Amenities
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What is the address of the Green?
The Guilford Green is bordered by Whitfield Street, Boston Street, Park Street and Broad Street, Guilford, CT 06437. For GPS directions, the main gate is directly across from 33 Whitfield Street.

Where can I park?
Parking is available across from the main gate at St. George Church, 33 Whitfield Street, for $10.00 per day or $25.00 for 3 days. Exhibitors may park in designated spaces around the Green on Whitfield and Broad Streets for load in and load out only. You may also park at Town Hall (Park Street) for free on Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a place to park my camper or oversized vehicle overnight?
St. George Church, at 33 Whitfield Street, can accommodate a limited number of campers/RVs or oversized vehicles in the field to the left of the Church. You can make arrangements with the church before the event and there will be an additional charge. Call them for information, 203-453-2788. Please note: the church lot is not patrolled by Craft Expo security.

Is there any free parking for my guests and customers?
Yes, parking is available in the two commuter lots at Exit 58 of Rte. 95, and Elisabeth Adams Middle School on Rte 77 (233 Church Street). Free shuttle bus service to Craft Expo will run from these lots during event hours. In addition, there is parking on the streets around the Green, where permitted.

How far is the Green from the train station?
The Shoreline East train station is .6 miles from the main gate at 325 Old Whitfield Street, Guilford, CT 06437. It is approximately a 12-minute walk or a 2-minute drive. This commuter service connects to New Haven and New York westbound, Old Saybrook, New London and Boston eastbound.


When do I check in for set up and what is the procedure?
Set up begins Thursday, July 16, 10am-8:30pm and continues Friday, July 17 from 7 to 10:00 am.

Before you set up, please check in at the Headquarters Tent, located at the main entrance on the Whitfield Street (West) side of the Green. During load-in you will need to off-load to the curb, and move your car so others waiting behind you will also have time to off-load.

ALL EXHIBITORS ARE TO BE IN THEIR BOOTHS BY 10:30 am ON FRIDAY MORNING. ALL EXHIBITOR VEHICLES SHOULD BE OFF THE STREETS AROUND THE GREEN BY THIS TIME. We, and the Town of Guilford, strongly encourage you to park at the paid lot at St. George Church after you load in and on the other days of the show, so that you leave the prime parking spaces for your customers. The charge for parking in the church lot, which is across from the main entrance at Whitfield Street, is $10.00 per day or a one-time fee of $25.00 for the 3-day event. You should not park in a legal spot around the Green on Sunday in order to save a space for load out. Filling spaces around the Green with your vehicles will discourage our Craft Expo customers from finding easy access parking to our show.

Will there be a dolly available to use for setting up?
Guilford Art Center will have several dollies available for exhibitor use. Please inquire at the Headquarters Tent, and please return them promptly after use.

Is there help for load in and load out?
If for any reason you require assistance to load in and load out, we may be able to help you find day labor. Please contact us in advance of the show — May or June — to make prior arrangements to have help when you arrive, and for load out. We cannot help find assistance the day of the event. Day laborers make a minimum of $15.00 per hour and must be paid at the show.

What do I need to know about electricity?

All of the booths inside the tents, provided by the Art Center, will have some overhead lighting, and will be prewired for additional electricity so that you can bring additional lighting for your booth and a fan or two.

Outdoor spaces (your own tent) can be wired for 500w of electricity upon request. If you need electricity, and are in a freestanding outside tent space, please contact the Art Center if you did not already specify this on your application.

The maximum allowable wattage per booth is 500W. This will be strictly enforced. If you need additional wattage, you can purchase this in advance for $20.00 per 100 watts. It may not be possible to accommodate extra electricity requests made on site during the event. In most instances power outages have been caused by individuals exceeding their agreed wattage allowance. Exhibitors who exceed 500 watts, and who have not purchased additional electricity up front, will be asked to power down.

The electrician strongly recommends bringing LED lights, which use less power, a 100′ grounded, 3 wire, all weather extension cord for hooking into the electrical source, and a surge protector strip to help prevent power outages to the entire tent. We reserve the right to require the repair or removal, at your expense, of electrical equipment that is found to be defective or unsafe by our electrician. Portable generators are not allowed.

Do not remove the outlets from their mountings and if you have any doubts about which outlet box is meant for your booth, please check with us immediately.

Power may be intermittent during set-up and break-down, therefore, if you need power tools to assemble your display, please bring battery powered ones.

Please turn your lights off before you leave the show site for the evening and make sure that any material you cover your display with does not touch your lights.

Are there dumpsters on site for trash removal?
Yes, there are two large dumpsters on site – one near to the main entrance on Park Street and the other is just beyond the food court near Park Street. Please put your oversize trash into one of these dumpsters.

Is there a water source on site?
Yes, there is water available at the hydrant at the Southeast corner of the Green (corner of Park and Boston Street). In addition, there are hand-washing stations near the portable restrooms behind tent A.

What if I need to restock my booth during the show?
You may park temporarily in the designated unloading area on Whitfield Street,for a maximum of 20 minutes, to restock your booth.

What precautions do I need to take for inclement weather?
OUTSIDE exhibitors should be prepared to deal with all weather conditions and are required to provide a weatherproof, self-contained canopy. Please make sure that any covering you use is attractive and does not interfere with neighboring display spaces or extend into traffic aisles. We recommend a canopy with a frame that can withstand the wind and a vinyl top that will not collect water in the rain.

TENTED exhibitors should also be prepared to protect displays and work from wind, leaks in the tent and morning condensation on the inside of the tent and ground. In heavy wind, the tent sides will flap. Be aware and keep breakables away from the sides. We strongly suggest you bring a fan for your booth since it can get very warm.

TENTED exhibitors should not fasten their booth to the tent poles. They are designed to move in the wind.

What is the plan for a severe weather emergency?
A severe weather emergency plan has been created in conjunction with the town of Guilford and the Guilford Fire and Police Departments. All exhibitors will be required to leave the Green if an evacuation is required, and will be directed to St. George Church which is a short walk across the street from the main gate on Whitfield Street. You may also take refuge in your car. No one will be allowed to return to Green until the emergency ban has been lifted.


What is the layout of the show?
The booths are located in 14 large tents on the Green with an additional 50 smaller freestanding tents. A map of the grounds is provided here: Craft Expo Map 2019

What are the requirements for exhibitors?
Exhibiting artists must be present during all show hours and have sufficient stock for all 3 days. Exhibitors should be in their booths by 10:30 am on Friday before opening to the public at noon. Exhibitors may not begin closing up for the night before the show has closed for the day nor may they start load out on Sunday before 5 pm. Please see schedule information in the box at the beginning of this document for further details. Violations of these rules may disqualify you from returning to Craft Expo next year.

What size are the booths?
All 10×10’ booths that are inside tents are approximately 10 feet wide and 12 feet deep, with an 8’ height. Spaces will vary up to 4” in either direction. Please be flexible. Corner booths should allow for a loss of 6-12” in height near edges. Outside booth exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own 10×10’ tents.

Does an easy-up tent fit inside one of the larger tents?
Some, but not all, of the big tents can accommodate a 10 x 10’ easy-up tent under the big tent. Corner spaces generally do not, because of the slope of the tent roof. Tented corner booths should be prepared for a loss of 6-12″ in height near the edges. If you intend to erect an easy-up tent under a big tent, please make sure your display is designed to be flexible, so that the top canopy can be removed in order to fit. Please be sure your display does not interfere with your neighbor’s space or extend into the aisles.

What other booth requirements are there?

  • You are required to provide a self-contained display and lighting (LEDs preferred). Backdrops or enclosures such as drapes, panels, walls, etc. are REQUIRED.
  • State of Connecticut Tent Requirements and safety tips:
  • All chairs, inventory, display units, etc. must fit within the designated boundaries of your space and may not interfere with adjacent displays, the common aisles, or fire exits.  You may not keep anything in the aisles or outside the back of the tent; all stored inventory and crates must be out of view. Please design your booth accordingly.
  • Booth displays should reflect the quality of your work. All signage must be professional and tasteful (no handwritten signs). Guilford Art Center will provide one Name/Company sign to each exhibitor. Please hang this in your booth.
  • The show site is a gently sloping, grassy field with a few uneven spots. We suggest that you bring something to level your display, if it is important that it be perfectly so. However, please note that by order of the town of Guilford, no mats, rugs, flooring or anything that covers the grass will be allowed on the floors of the booths. This is an attempt to further protect the appearance of the grass.
  • Do not leave food in your booth overnight. Pick up trash in and around your booth after set-up, at the end of each day and after breakdown. Music is only allowed in your booth with the permission of your neighbors and Guilford Art Center.

Can I rent a tent for an outdoor booth?
Yes, 10 x 10’ tents are available for rent from D.C. Hall Rental Service. They are not “easy-up” tents; they are staked tents. Please contact Dave Hall at 203 488-0383 for additional information.

Can I rent pipe and drape for my booth?
Yes, Connecticut Rental Center or General Rental rents pipe and drape (or just pipes) to Craft Expo exhibitors. You may purchase these items at any time prior to June 23 2020, by contacting Connecticut Rental Center at 800-323-9225 or General Rental at 203-288-8271.

Can I rent tables?
Wooden tables (4, 6 or 8 foot long) are available for rent for $10.00 each. They are 30” wide and 30” high.
You may purchase these items when you purchase your booth on or at any time prior to
June 23.

Do I need to charge sales tax?
Yes, it is your responsibility to charge Connecticut Sales tax of 6.35% and make payment to the State of Connecticut after the show. You will need to show proof of your CT tax number to participate in Craft Expo by filling in this number on your vendor agreement.

How do I get a Connecticut Tax number?
Exhibitors can apply for a tax number online at:|40829|. The registration fee is $100, and it will take approximately 15-20 days to get your permit once you register online. For more information, call 860 297-5962.


Do I need to wear a badge?
Yes, all exhibitors and assistants will receive badges at check in. Please wear your badges at all times. You will need them to enter the show gates each day.

Is there overnight security?
Yes, the premises are patrolled each night of the event’s run, including Thursday evening following setup. However, Guilford Art Center assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of applicant’s work, property, or display.  At the end of the day, do not leave your booth until the public has left the show site. Close your booth or cover your display. This is when you’re most vulnerable to theft.

Do I need insurance?
Guilford Art Center encourages all exhibitors to carry their own insurance. Also, please take appropriate steps to minimize your risk by locking your vehicle and not leaving your booth unattended during set-up, show hours, or breakdown.

What do I do in a medical emergency?
Dial 911 first, and then contact Guilford Art Center personnel. There is a First Aid station in the left corner of the Food Court which will be manned by EMTs during all show hours. If your emergency is less critical, you may choose to have a friend drive you to the Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical Center, a full-service emergency department which is open 24 hours a day. YNHMC is located on 111 Goose Lane. The phone number there is 203 453-7900.

There is also a walk-in clinic in the nearby Stony Creek section of Branford:  Stony Creek Urgent Care Center at 6 Business Park Drive #302, Branford, CT 06405. The phone number there is: 203-483-4580

What if I need to contact the police?
The Guilford Police Department is located at 400 Church Street (Rte. 77). The phone number for the Guilford Police Department is:  Emergency: 911; Routine matters: 203 453-8061.


Where can my customers park to pick up a large item that they have purchased?
If your customers need to bring their cars to the Green for a large parcel pick-up, they can use the designated temporary parking spaces on Whitfield Street.

Are there complimentary tickets available?
Yes, each exhibitor will be provided with 2 complimentary tickets for family and friends in the exhibitor welcome packet. Additional tickets may be purchased at the main (Whitfield Street) gate during Craft Expo hours and can be held at the main gate for your guest to pick up. Do not send out letters giving free admission to anyone. They will not be honored!

What kind of food is available?
There will be a food court on site with a variety of foods including crepes and coffee, sandwiches, Thai specialties, salads, subs, barbeque, steak and cheese, water and soft drinks, and beer and wine. In addition, there are several restaurants around and within walking distance of the Green. A list of places to eat in Guilford can be found here: and we will include a list in your exhibitor check-in packet.

Is there drinking water available?
Guilford Art Center is providing bottled water to exhibitors. Water can be found in the coolers at each of the entrances.

Is there any available booth relief?
Guilford Art Center will provide volunteer booth sitters (Artist’s Allies) who will be allowed to cover for an exhibitor for a 15-minute period. The volunteers are not permitted to make sales while the exhibitor is gone, but can answer questions and safeguard the merchandise. Please cooperate by returning promptly from your break, as others will be waiting.

Where is the nearest bank?
There is an ATM at the corner of Whitfield and Boston Streets on the side of Page Hardware. Guilford Savings Bank is at the corner of Park and Boston Streets at 1 Park Street. There are two banks on Rte. 1 (Boston Post Rd.) just north of the Green: First Niagara Bank, 1021 Boston Post Rd. and Webster Bank, 1069 Boston Post Rd.

Are pets allowed?
Although we would discourage anyone from bringing their pets to Craft Expo, they are not prohibited.

Where is there wifi?
There is free wifi at Cilantro at the corner of Boston and Whitfield Streets at the southwest corner of the Green, and at the Guilford Free Library at the corner of Broad and Park streets at the northeast corner of the Green.

Are there discount coupons that I can give out to my customers?
All promotional materials will offer $1.00 off admission, excluding the multi-day pass. Your customers can also download a $1.00 OFF coupon from the Guilford Art Center’s website:

What do you provide for posting online?
A digital file of the sticker and postcard will be made available to you for distribution to your email list or facebook friends. In addition, Guilford Art Center will provide a “Marketing Toolkit” that will include social media graphics, a customizable press release, event hashtag information and links to Guilford Art Center’s Craft Expo social media sites. You will receive this information approximately 4-6 weeks in advance of the event.


What is the Silent Auction?
The Silent auction is a benefit for Guilford Art Center’s scholarship program, which enables students with financial need to attend classes at a reduced fee. Your donation is especially appreciated because it helps support up and coming artists. The auction is held in a tent near the Whitfield Street (main) entrance. Exhibitors are asked to donate one of their works to the auction. You will be given a small sign in your booth that identifies you as a donor. Exhibitors are asked to indicate the retail value of their piece so that we can set an opening bid.

Where do I bring my Silent Auction donation?
Guilford Art Center will send out volunteers to collect your works for the Silent Auction. You are also welcome to drop them off at the Headquarters Tent. Please drop them off as early as possible so that we can arrange them in a pleasing display. The first auction begins Friday afternoon, and there will be one auction per day. We appreciate your donation and your support.

There is a complete list of lodging options including campsites, motels/hotels and bed and breakfasts on the Guilford Art Center website at the following link:

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?

Notice of your intent to withdraw from the event must be in writing. A 90% refund is available April 1 – April 30 only if the exhibitor’s space can be filled from the wait list. A 50% refund is available May 1< – May 30 only if the exhibitor’s space can be filled from the wait list. No refunds will be made after June 1st. All refunds will be made by Guilford Art Center check. If original payment was made by credit card, any credit card processing fees incurred by Guilford Art Center will be deducted from the refund.

Please contact Maureen Belden, for cancellations that occur due to an emergency the week of the event. You may call the Guilford Art Center, 203-453-5947; or email For urgent messages please use the cell phone number, that will be provided at a later date, from Wednesday morning, July 15 – July 19. We will be on site and using cell phones exclusively for the duration of the event.

What if Guilford Art Center cancels the show?
If Guilford Art Center is forced to cancel the show due to Acts of God, Extreme Weather Events, Governmental Order, War, Civil Unrest, Terrorism, etc., there will be no refund of booth fees. Nor will refunds be issued for any other liabilities whatsoever concerning the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the venue being destroyed by fire, weather, or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances, or any legal authority, or any cause beyond our control. If we cancel the show by our own choice, we will completely refund your payment to that show.


Thurs, July 16, 10:00am to 8:30pm
Fri, July 17, 7am to 10:30am

Exhibitor Hours:
Fri, July 17, 11am to 7:30pm
Sat, July 18, 10am to 7pm
Sun, July 19, 12pm to 5pm

Breakdown: Sun, July 19, 5pm

Note: Exhibitors must be in their booths 30 minutes prior to opening.


Guilford Art Center Office
203-453-5947, ext. 207

Maureen Belden
Executive Director