Faculty Demos

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Watch as GAC faculty demonstrate craft and techniques across a range of mediums. See all of the GAC faculty here and visit their websites to view and/or purchase their work.

Stained Glass with Eileen O’Donnell

• Watch the follow-up video
• See photos of the project and Eileen’s process

Making Clay Animals: Figurative Fun with David Frank

Making Decorative Collage Paper with Cheryl Tuttle

Making your own decorative collage paper to create a creative journal with Cheryl Tuttle

Hand Printing on Fabric with GAC Instructor Claudia Mathison

Portrait Drawing Demonstration by Scott Patterson

Pit Firing at Home by Megan Mayall

Tray Making
Ceramic Instructor David Frank

Throwing a Vase in the Pottery Studio
Ceramic Instructor David Frank

Creating Watercolor Mandalas
GAC Instructor Marcy LaBella

Create with Me! Spring Bunnies and Foxes
GAC Instructor Julie Ryan

Cylinder by Justin Gerace

Bowl by Justin Gerace




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