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Guilford Art Center adds its voice to the calls for justice in the wake of the senseless killing of George Floyd. His violent death throws into sharp relief the persistent inequities along racial lines. All Americans deserve the respect, rights, and fairness due under our laws.

There are voices speaking to us, demanding change across this country and we are committed to being a part of that change, remembering our national aspirations, as we seek the promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people. May we all work to improve the practices that fall short of our country’s ideals.

History is being made with this national upheaval, amidst the pandemic gripping our world. We are grateful to the first responders, essential workers, and medical personnel who are working to save and sustain lives. We thank the elected officials who are leading efforts to face down this terrible virus and to fight for racial justice.

We at GAC promise to do our part by bringing together individuals of all ages and abilities and from all backgrounds to experience the values of art.

The arts help us express the depths of the human spirit and to join others in expressing our fears and joys. They foster openness to new ideas and diverse points of view, and make connections across cultures. The arts can beautify, but also serve to memorialize, document, and call to action. The arts care about diversity and individual self-expression. Through the arts we help one another expand and enrich our lives, to see the world a bit differently, and to refine our understanding of others by respecting the contributions, talents, and humanity of each individual.

The Guilford Art Center is grateful to our artists and supporters who make our community stronger, and who embrace and work with us to promote a culture of inclusion. This work will continue. Thank you for being a part of our GAC community.