Going to the Dogs…

May 4 - June 24, 2012

Going to the Dogs & Cats & Birds… was a nationally juried exhibit/sale featuring crafts and art works in all media intended for, or inspired by, man’s best friend and all beloved pets. It was on view in the Center’s Mill Gallery from May 4 – June 24, 2012.

Going to the Dogs… included fine art and handmade objects inspired by pets—paintings, sculptures, mixed-media works; functional objects, such as bowls, beds, and bird cages; handmade accessories, such as collars, leashes, and coats; pet portraits, more.

Participating artists included: Lanette Barber, Rene Barkett, Mary Beeman, Holly Bollier, Joy Bush, Helen Cantrell, Cathy Cassar, Gale Creighton, Deborah Crichton, Nancy Detra, Joe Dileo, Bette Ellsworth, Linda Edwards, Bob Ferraro, Tom Foster, Mary Fussell, Marcy Geller, Linda Giannelli, DeeDee Hakun, Pat Haley, Happy Dog Ceramics, Sharon Hosley, Janis Hughes, Colleen Jersild, Barbara Katz, Marcy LaBella, Lois Lehr, Wendy Lewis, Andrea Lopez, Karen Loprete, Angel Magna, Claire Marcus, Diane Markin, Sara Drought Nebel, Eileen Norkun, North Woods Animal Treats, Amy Peters and Chet Sims, Dina Marie Pratt, Leslie Prodis, Karen Redman, Lori Rembetski, Heather Renz, Ruth Sack, Martha Savage, Hillary Seltzer, Linda Sherman, Anita Soos, Sharon Star, Emily Stevenson, Alex Swensen, Suzanne Tanner, Sally Tucker Bell, Sally Tucker-Levy, Markaret Uleka-Wilson, Alecia Underhill, Cathy Valley, and Maureen Wilkinson.

It was sponsored, in part, by Guilford Veterinary Hospital, with special thanks to Lisa Wolkow and DeeDee Hakun, WMYSLG. A portion of the proceeds from sales of works benefited the Connecticut Humane Society.