Process to Painting: 4 Artists

August 1-September 7, 2014

The Process to Painting exhibit featured works in a range of media by Lady McCrady, Larry Morelli, Lenny Moskowitz and Robert Reynolds that reveal various processes and evolutions of a visual idea, from studies and sketches to larger-scale finished paintings. It was organized by GAC instructor Lenny Moskowitz.

“When I was given the opportunity to gather a small group of painters for a show at the Guilford Art Center, I wanted to tie the show into the teaching mission of the Center. Hence, we decided to use the exhibition to highlight the process of creating art. This process can vary widely from artist to artist, and it can be fascinating to learn the emotional or practical steps painters take to create their work. Each artist in the show interpreted our title, Process to Painting, in his or her own unique way. We hope the show gives you a window into just a few of the different paths we take to arrive at our finished paintings. I’d like to thank Maureen Belden for the opportunity to show this work.” — Lenny Moskowitz, Curator