Sculpture in Stone, Featuring Stony Creek Granite

May 3 - June 2, 2013

Curator’s Statement

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get but what they become by it.” — John Ruskin

That these sculptors chose to willingly work in stone says much about their character. For in order to do anything with stone–drill into it, split it with wedges, carve it with hammer and steel, hand point it, polish it by rubbing with abrasive and water – you must believe that the seemingly impossible is possible.

From our humble beginnings 15 years ago inside a Guilford Art Center classroom full of sculptors, including our early pioneer Larry Smith — carving 167-lb blocks of Stony Creek Granite on tree stumps–we have evolved into a creative collaborative committed to the slow, laborious and highly rewarding process of creating sculpture from stone. The synergy of the group has always been key to the learning environment; helping and sharing technically and logistically and also inspiring each sculptor’s vision, encouraging creative risk taking and exploration. Through their interaction with the stone and the sculptural process, each of these sculptors has experienced something about themselves that they have previously have not known. This experiential learning that occurs naturally “by doing” in the work sessions has created an environment where the learning and the teaching and the creating are all one, and I too learn much from them. The very different approaches to creating sculpture in stone, be it figurative, representational, abstract, or functional, are all wonderful evidence of the freedom, confidence, virtuosity and the ecstasy that these sculptors exhibit in “Sculpture in Stone: Featuring Stony Creek Granite.”

Darrell Petit
April, 11, 2013

This exhibit was sponsored, in part, by NewAlliance Foundation. In-kind sponsor: Stony Creek Quarry. Special thanks to the participating artists, Darrell Petit, and DeeDee Hakun. SculptureinStone13 to download the show’s list of artists.