June 6 - July 27, 2014

Soulcology is a metals show that will display a broad spectrum of the many works that can be made of metal. Expressively displaying the many techniques used to conform metal into items from the organic to the angular, from jewelry to sculpture, to functional art and beyond.

“The concept of a metals show with emotional content has been on my mind for many years. I am very impressed with how the submissions reflect personal states. It is a fabulous body of work steeped with emotion of all kinds – coming from many places within the artists’ respective souls. I set this show up alone and from the moment I saw the images selected a most delightful experience began. I had a week of absolute intimate moments with each and every piece. I could feel the emotion and appreciate the craftsmanship of each work. As I balanced the room through color, weight, technique, design and approach to metal work and the theme focus, I grew to know each work quietly and privately. It was a moving experience within the theme of this show and has been motivational in my own quest. Although we so often work quietly alone with our metal and our tools we join and feel community when seeing these pieces come together. Every piece was placed to be seen individually for its own sake as one moves throughout the room. Each emotional soul searching touch of the metal permeating the air. Thank you very much for your submission and the pleasure of curating such a wonderful show.

I also want to thank Guilford Art Center for considering and choosing to host this metals show. In my 20 years of teaching at this wonderful facility I have not experienced a show focused on metal – so this is a very exciting time here at GAC and for myself and our metals department.

Thank you to Robert Dancik for being our Juror. I have always admired Robert’s work, sensibility and creative energy in all things. He is a pleasure to work with and our thoughts on creative views coincide in many ways. His absolute quiet moments with each piece as he painstakingly attempted to choose awards from a technically excellent and soul searching body of work was no simple task. I enjoyed feeling his focus, seeing him references back to the Soulcology theme. Seeing him focus on the technical and visual details of every piece as well as how the soul and emotion came through was the completion of the show experience for me.

It now feels ready for all of you. The viewer, appreciator, artist, human being filled with your own emotions ready to be released while viewing. I am interested in your emotional sensibilities as a viewer. Please feel free to let us know your feelings about our show and if it helped you to shift in your quest, knowingly or unknowingly.

– Lanette Barber, Curator