Teapots, Vessels, Flagons & Flasks

May 15 - June 19, 2015

Using handmade objects in our daily lives brings us to a place that’s increasingly difficult to navigate in any other way. It’s where we find what defines us as human beings, creatures who seem unable not to make things, whether to satisfy an immediate need or just for the joy that is the act of creation.

The pieces I’ve chosen for this show are examples of this curious urge, an elusive, inexplicable need to construct something that has never existed before out of what has been at hand all along.

To delve into this process is to look for the crafter’s hand, the often unconscious, unintended but nonetheless telltale marks that reveal the potter’s vision, intent, and skill.

The work you see here represents a wide range of contemporary functional clay, the scope of which, I’m happy to report, seems much broader and more diversified than it was 25 years ago when I became a member of the community of potters. It’s good to know the future of the potter’s craft is in such capable and imaginative hands.

My great thanks to the Guilford Art Center for the privilege of putting this show together.

~Hayne Bayless,Juror, Ivoryton, CT