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All About GAC Faculty: Support, Creativity & More

Supporting GAC Faculty

Our school is the heart and soul of GAC. It is where we come together, inspiring each other, creating work and forming strong community. We feel the absence of this place greatly and we know you do too. Please know how much we look forward to joining together again in our classrooms, gallery, shop and at other events.

In the meantime, we ask that you continue support for our GAC faculty. Many of them have websites where you can view and purchase their work. You can see all of our faculty listed HERE on our website, as well as links to their personal pages. If you’re able, please support them as they navigate this difficult time.

GAC faculty have been involved in a variety of creative tasks lately.

Here is just a sampling of what they’re doing and how to stay in touch via social media.


GAC fiber arts instructor Marsha Borden has found sewing by hand to be her favorite way to “stay creative and reduce stress during these long days of confinement. A few days ago I cut apart a few of my daughter’s too-small t-shirts we tie-dyed last summer and hand-stitched a skirt for her. After that, I scoured my own closet for future clothing re-dos. Sometimes I follow a pattern, but mostly I just use simple needle and thread and improvise as I go. The books by Alabama Chanin are eye candy for anyone who admires the slow labor of hand-stitched garments.” Check out…/the-school-of-making/.”


GAC photography instructor Harold Shapiro has been finding beauty and perspective around the shoreline in a series called “Crisis Creativity.” Visit Harold’s Facebook page for striking images and conversation about shared experiences during this time that we are distanced


GAC painting instructor Lady McGrady is finding calm in the art of stitching. “I needed the calm of stitching, so I spread some colors out on the floor and took an hour to myself when I woke up. Usually on Tuesdays I pack thermoses, lunch, dinner and go teach all day and then go to a college sculpture class at night. I’m wanting to use up some saved fabric scraps and make simple cheerful gifts for friends, and clear out to redesign some space at the same time.”


GAC painting instructor, Shilo Ratner, has been sharing thoughts and guidance on meditation and mindfulness on her Instagram page (in addition to images of her stunning work). Here’s a link to some super simple breathing tips to help reduce stress. Try it! You’ll feel just a bit better today.


GAC fiber arts and youth instructor Claudia Mathison tells us she has been “sewing up a storm with all my free time”. She’s making masks and donating them to YNHH, friends, family and those in need. “I’ve been thinking lately about what a gift the arts are for people at a time like this – those of us who are teaching artists as well as our students (the bigs and the littles).”


GAC painting and youth instructor, Marcy Labella, created some online tutorials for easy painting projects you can do at home. Here’s her video on painting watercolor mandalas – it’s just perfect for kids and adults, and all you need are watercolor paints and paper.

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