Our Sponsors


The Center extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to its many individual and business friends and sponsors who through their generous support help make possible such programs as EXPO, Artistry and our continuing school and gallery programs.

Support for programs at the Center is also provided through grants from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.



The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
State of Connecticut Department of Economic Development
The Stoddard Family Foundation

GSB Wealth Management
NewAlliance Foundation
Prospector Partners

Deb Abildsoe & Irving Schloss
Elizabeth Alcorn
Andrew Davis
Davis Family Foundation
Eder Brothers
Kristen & Johan Eveland
Andrew Geaslin
Joseph & Cindy Goldberg
The Guilford Foundation
Guilford Savings Bank
Richard & Yvette Howard
Jane Kammerer
Madison Polymeric Engineering
Terry & Martha Maguire
Monte Financial Group
Nelson Edwards Company Architects
Panoram Foundation
Bonnie Gould Rothberg
Raymond B. & Kathleen V. Rudy, in honor of Nina V. Donnelly
Allan Starr
Cyndi & Richard Tuchman
Yale New Haven Health
Judith Anne Young

Bailey Scarano
CK Architects
Ella Where She Shops
Eugenie Copp
Clo & Stephen Davis
Stephanie Donegan Dietz
East River Energy
Richard & Nadine Jerbi
Judith & Sheldon Kaufman
Kebabian’s Oriental Rugs
Gretchen Kingsley
Ladd Capital Management
Robert & Martha Monte
Page Hardware & Appliance
Shoreline Financial Advisors
William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty

Anne Afragola
Richard Chorney
J. Sanford and Helen Davis
Guardian Jet
Diane Palmeri & Albert Rossini
Amy Peters
Pamela & Bruce Simonds
The Stone Agency

George & Anne Aghajanian
John & Donita Aruny
Elizabeth & John Best
Jonathan & Nancy Bishop
Bill & Katy Bloss
Kenneth & Judith Boudreau
Julie & Tony Broom
Roz Chast
Valerie Cook
Betsy &John Dailinger
Kathleen & Robert Dess
Catherine & Phil Dinauer
Alise Ferency
Lynn & Nick Fischer
Anne & Jeffrey Godsey
Carolyn Grave
Paul Greenberg
Jack Heil & Gayle Capozzalo Heil
Michaele Imbrogno
David & Amy Jaffe
Mary Jo Kestner
Dr. Arthur Knowlton
Laurie LaTerza
Sara Leighton
Aurelle Locke
Ted & Lisa Lovejoy
Ken MacKenzie
Anne MacClintock & Jerry Mashaw
Amy Lipper McCauley
Laurel McLean
Jennifer & Michael McNiff
Senator Edward & Patty Ann Meyer
Anne Morrison
Dr. Paul & Estelle Nussbaum
Robert Parrott & Anita Griffith
Diana Perron
Mindy Pollack
Wendy Price
Nina Rose
Betty Sarubbi
Sandra Spahr
Pam & Sandy Stoddard
Elsa Stone & Steven Wolfson
Dawn Tischbein
Teresa Twomey
Patricia Walker
Stephen Yardan

Marian Altman
Mary Beeman
Maryann Bracken
Susan Brady
Georgeanne Campaigne
Traci Canavan
Zeno Chicarilli
Jennifer Davies
Joan Downey
Sara Fern
Gail & Gerald Friedland
Mary Fusco
Kate & Michael Haggans
Gwendolyn Gunn
Florence Hammond
Lianne Herdle
Lisa Caron Hickey
Lynne Hyman
Denise Isaac
Nancy Judd
Erin Keanna
Mollie Keller
Leslie & Harlan Krumholz
Dolores Marchese
Jamie McCauley
Joy McConnell
O’Keefe Family
Patricia & Mark Panico
Diane Petra
Jon & Cassy Picard
Tom Pinchbeck & Bonnie Garmisa
Ron & Mary Repetti
Daphne Rich
Bruce Rogow
Sandra Ruoff
Janice & Simon Samoeil
Veronica Soell
Marjorie Sopkin
Sandra Stein
Joanne Stern
Lee Sylvester
Nancy Mahon & Susan Trerotola
Irene Watson & Norman Dupuis
Julie Weed
Steven Wolfson
Suzanne Conlon & David Young
Priscilla Young, in honor of Judith Young

Shore Publishing

Thanks to everyone who donates art supplies and other items to our school. Our teachers, students, Board, and staff appreciate everything you give. And many thanks to the volunteers who give so generously of their time to support the GUILFORD ART CENTER throughout the year. Whether selling gate tickets at Expo, assisting in our school, serving refreshments at Gallery events, playing music during Artistry, pricing tag sale items, or any of the myriad ways that you have donated time and effort, you have helped to make GAC a vital part of the community – and we thank you!