Under The Sea

In this class we will explore the beautiful and interesting creatures of the sea. Students will learn various painting techniques to depict sea life. 

Stitch Watercolor Meditations On Paper Workshop

Create a watercolor painting using a slow and mindful meditation process. Using watercolor paints, you will work your design on white or black watercolor paper using geometric and other design […]

Turn Your Painting Around

People are taking online painting lessons since the pandemic. But what happens when the painting needs help and you need advice? This for-all-levels class is what you might ask for: […]

Smooth Painting With Pastels

Working on smooth surfaces with pastels enables you to blend your colors smoothly and quickly; it lends itself to creating color almost by "accident." One can move  pastels quickly and […]

Playing With Water Media

We’ll be using whatever water media you have (ideally some watercolors and an opaque paint like gouache, acryla-gouache or acrylics). This class will give you a better handle on the […]