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Meet the 5 Artists for this Saturday’s Pop-Up

ARTIST LINEUP for Saturday, June 24 Pop-Up
10am-4pm; free admission
Penny Feder, printmaking & mixed media
Stephanie Maddalena, glass jewelry
Megan Mayall, GAC Resident Potter
Donna McGee, ceramics
Yvonne Oxley, Komfort Zone Soaps
Admission is free and open to the community. Rain or shine!

Penny Feder, Mixed Media
Penny’s work is mostly mixed media collage on canvas. Her technique involves papers, fibers, painting and drawing. “In my incredibly messy studio, I create images full of color and textures that you might want to touch and crawl into. I create landscapes that might bring back a memory of a time and place, and hopefully, my flowers brighten your day.”

Stephanie Maddalena, Glass Jewelry
Glass jewelry artist Stephanie Maddalena has been teaching at the Rockland Center for the Arts since 1998. She has been fascinated by lampworked glass beads and the process of melting glass since taking a workshop with Kate Fowle. She has a BA from St. Thomas Aquinas College. She teaches classes and workshops throughout the northeast.

Megan Mayall, GAC Resident Potter
As for her artistic style, Megan likes to bringing a sense of exuberance to each piece, she says. “For me, it’s the design that I get to be creative with,” Megan says. “I throw pretty standard forms, and then I decorate with things like scenes of flowers, and I kind of go overboard with it, sometimes! One way or another, it becomes a finished piece in and of itself.”

Donna McGee, Ceramics
“My first trip to Europe my early 20s, after years of art history classes, confirmed a commitment to a life long study of art within a cultural context. Combining the creation of functional pottery with a surface treatment that channels passion for historical uses of pattern, color, and design, sustains and nurtures my work. I come from a tradition of functional work, and continued to be inspired by the deliberate act of making well-designed forms on a daily basis. In addition to red earthenware clay, for the past few years, I’ve been making stoneware pots for high-fire reduction in wood, salt, and soda.”

Yvonne Oxley, Komfort Zone Soaps
Eight years ago, Yvonne wasn’t comfortable with using the expensive steroid creams the dermatologist prescribed for her son’s eczema. “I knew there had to be a better way” she said, “so I researched and found natural soap could help. The relief was almost immediate.” Come explore Yvonne Oxley’s wide range of natural soap and lotions, created in beautiful colors and designs.

Pop-Up shows will be held outside on the GAC campus on Saturday, July 24 & Saturday, Aug 7 from 10am-4pm.
Admission is free and open to the community. Rain or shine!