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Faculty Exhibition 2019

Guilford Art Center’s school is at the heart of our mission to bring the benefits of the arts to all in our community. And at the heart of our school is our faculty. They work with our fellow community members, helping us to experience, embrace, and expand our creativity.

Our instructors are working artists. They create in their studios, participate in gallery exhibits, art fairs and “open studios,” and have works in public and private collections. In their own work, they may take a traditional and/or functional approach, or they may be wildly experimental; they may work representationally, or be ardent abstractionists.

Teaching is another part of these artists’ professional lives–taking their expertise and passions and guiding others. A good number of them have taught at the Center for many years and sometimes decades; others are new. Their personal style, techniques and approach can guide them in the classroom, and attract a student following. But mostly, instructors here balance the tenets of their own work with students’ needs and creative desires. It’s what makes them good teachers.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present and celebrate the range and breadth of our instructors’ talents here at Guilford Art Center. — Maureen Belden, Executive Director

This exhibit is sponsored, in part, by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and NewAlliance Foundation. Special thanks to the participating artists and to DeeDee Hakun and Lisa Wolkow, WMYSLG, Ltd., for installation

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