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GAC Offers Artful Opportunities for New Resident Potter Megan Mayall

Pam Johnson, Senior Staff Writer
October 23, 2019

It’s a busy day in the Guilford Art Center (GAC) ceramics studio practice space, and that’s just how GAC’s new resident potter, Megan Mayall, likes it.

During her year-long post with GAC, Megan’s not only enjoying the opportunity to develop her artwork, but also contributing to GAC’s pottery community by working with pottery students and overseeing ceramics studio practice times.

“We currently have a practice going on, so everybody is in and talking away,” Megan says, stepping outside at GAC’s Church Street campus earlier this week. “A practice entails people who are enrolled in one of the classes and, in the classes, they have everyone from beginners to people who are quite practiced at pottery. So I see everyone, in all ranges.”

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