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Left Handed Drawing Workshop


Left-Handed Drawing has three parts: intension, practice, and art. Intension is simple: show up to the table with some kind of canvas and a pen, pencil, or marker. Practice is another word for closing your eyes and beginning to draw—letting your non-dominant hand show you the way down a creative path of loops and lines, […]

Guatemalan Worry Dolls Workshop

Mixed Media

Worry dolls are small, handmade dolls that originate from the highland indigenous people of Guatemala.  According to legend, when worrying keeps a person awake, he or she tells a worry to as many dolls as necessary.  Then the worrier places the dolls under his or her pillow.  The dolls take over the worrying for the […]

Experimental Collage Workshop

Mixed Media

Free your mind, drop your expectations & limitations, and you might surprise yourself with what you create! Students will construct paper or mixed-media collage artworks by cutting and reassembling various colored and textured papers, photos, text, images, and printed ephemera. Collages can be further embellished with paint, markers, crayons, pencils, stamps, thread, fabric, lace, and 3D […]

A Cabinet Of Curiosities: A Nature Inspired Living Journal In A Box

Mixed Media

Create a magical place to explore and display a collection of nature objects, memorabilia and images. Choose from my found treasures and incorporate your own to create a cabinet style living journal that can include a variety of mediums – collage, printmaking, drawing, painting, bookmaking and written reflection. We will take inspiration from what is […]

Branches & Pathways: Expressive Painting & Folio Workshop

Mixed Media

In this fun, guided expressive painting and printmaking process participants access inspiration from nature and follow their intuitive voice to create a large abstract layered painting. Stay curious as your artwork transforms and reveals itself. Transform your artwork again into a pocket folio for mementos, journal cards or meditations. All materials are provided. 

Weaving Wonders 8/19-23 Week 10


Learn the timeless techniques of weaving—yarn, threads, or other elements, interlaced at right angles (the “warp” and “weft”) to form a fabric or cloth. We will try many different ways to weave and use a wide variety of traditional and innovative materials, such as yarn, paper, straws, cups, twigs, cardboard and more.

Sensory Art: Session B 7/29-8/2 Week 7

Mixed Media Classes

Create images of fantasy animals, plants, space and undersea landscapes. Using unusual materials such as polymer clay, sand, yarn, fabric, feathers and other materials students will gain an understanding of texture, proportion, space and planes on the two dimensional surface.

The Artful Beader 7/8-12 Week 4


Journey into the world of beaded jewelry and wall art. We will design and create unique bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and anklets. Additional projects will include beaded clay pendants and painted mandalas. A variety of glass, resin and metal beads, glass cabochons, charms, beading wire, and findings will be provided. The focus of student projects will […]

The Art Of Eric Carle 6/17-21 Week 1

Mixed Media Classes

Created with lots of fun in mind, this class will take a peek into the art of Picture Book writer/artist Eric Carle. We will create art around a different book each day to create visual expressions by fusing mixed media art with cutout words and images. Projects will revolve around the characters and themes that […]

Summer Sun Fun: Session B 8/12-16 Week 9

Mixed Media Classes

Children will use themes of summer to create lots of fun art. Some projects will include; sun and moon yarn designs, shell pictures, sunflower paintings and sunny plant clay pots.