Winter Clay Wonderland

Come join the sensory fun as we use our creativity to make imaginative forms. We will learn how to use different types of artist’s tools working with air dry clay, paper clay, […]

Magical Creatures & Animals

Using a wide variety of fun art materials, we will create unique imaginative animals and magical creatures. The goal is for children to develop their own expressive art language and vision and […]

Upcycled Crafts & Decoupage

Mixed Media Classes

Let's recycle and learn how to turn ordinary things into beautiful new creations! Children will use a variety of everyday materials to give them new life and purpose, making their […]

Parent & Child Workshop: Making Mandalas Together

Mixed Media

Come enjoy a calm, relaxing  activity together during this parent/child workshop. We will use  paper, and a variety of design pigments to paint beautiful mandala art. Embellish around  your designs with […]

Still Life Painting


Still life is one of the most popular themes in the history of art. We will look at the still life paintings of many artists, note how they hide secret messages […]

Expressionist Collage Workshop

Mixed Media

Working in collage and painting, you will learn more about who you are and want you want to do. The cultural anthropologist and author Angeles Ariens in her book "Signs […]

Color Your World

Mixed Media

Colors surround us and affect how we feel and influence our mood and ways we see. We will use studies and experiments of Josef Albers, Paul Klee, Vasiliy Kandinsky and […]