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Collage & Paint: Personal Shapes & Symbols Workshop

Working in collage and painting, you will learn more about who you are and want you want to do. The cultural anthropologist and author Angeles Ariens in her book "Signs of Life," tells of five universal signs or symbols and how to use them in your creative work. Beginning with an exercise she developed, you will […]

Collage Accordion Book Workshop

Books will be made of heavy paper folded accordion style.The covers will be collaged using papers, paints and various media for color.Students are asked to bring in photos, illustrations, papers…whatever they may want, including written material.All other materials will be provided.

Collage Workshop

Students will create paper or mixed-media collage artworks by cutting and reassembling various colored and textured papers, photos, text, images, and printed ephemera. Collages can be further embellished with paint, markers, crayons, pencils, stamps, thread, fabric, lace, and found objects. Tools and supplies like glue, gel mediums, sealants, tape, brushes, scissors, paper punches, cutters, hobby […]

Creating Handmade art Journals Workshop

The art of journaling and zine making is growing in popularity, as it allows for great individual expression of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The process of creating these journals, zines and art books can be a very relaxing and mindful art process. We will be using both painting and collage techniques to create small books and […]

Print, Carve. Repeat: Hand Printing Techniques

Explore hand printing techniques on textiles and papers. You"ll become proficient using carving tools, block printing inks, as well as creating repeat patterns to produce a quality hand printed design. Basic supplies will be provided although students are welcome to bring favorite papers and fabrics for experimentation.

Mother & Child Workshop: Sailor Sweetheart Box

Sailor Sweetheart boxes are a souvenir to be given to a loved one, originally made in Barbados between 1830 and 1900. These boxes are typically designed with shells glued onto a backing with heart or flower motifs and sentimental messages. In this workshop, design your own special keepsake for Mother’s Day out of recycled boxes. […]

Glass Mosaic Window Workshop

Dive into colors, textures and shapes to create up-cycled glass mosaic art for your home. Use wood frames and colorful glass pieces, beads and ephemera provided or bring a favorite piece to personalize your art. What colors bring you joy? Create your original design or be inspired by design templates available. Finished artwork is approximately 8" x 10".  

Encaustic For Every Artist

 Encaustic, heated beeswax based paint can be used in so many ways, with so many other media and on many different surfaces. It can always be incorporated into your artistic practice. The material you choose to work with should be enjoyable and effective, allowing you to make the kind of work you envision. Encaustic can be used […]

Expressive Portraiture

Students will use collage, paints, oil pastels, drawing media and printed materials from magazines and other sources to create a portrait not based on a figurative representation but by using forms and various illustrations to depict the person being represented. We will have a short exercise to start with that will inspire how the portraits will be […]

Stitching An Abstract Collage On Canvas

Using a stretched canvas, you will create an abstract design using fabric, paper and threads. Once you have chosen your pieces of fabric and paper and have created a design, you will stitch down all your pieces on the canvas. Feel free to use different thread choices and perhaps some small found objects you may wish to […]