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Discover Silver Metal Clay Workshop

Discover Silver Metal Clay Workshop Adult Workshop

Silver Metal Clay looks and feels like clay but is actually pure silver in an organic binder. You will learn all the basic information and techniques for forming, surface texturing, firing, and finishing. Flush setting of lab grown gemstones will also be covered, and (optional) inexpensive stones can be purchased in class. Great for beginners, […]

Experimental Collage Workshop

Experimental Collage Workshop Adult Workshop

Let your mind and hands wander freely and you might surprise yourself with what you create! Students will construct paper or mixed-media collage artworks by creating, cutting, and reassembling various colored and textured papers, photos, text, images, and printed ephemera. Collages can be further embellished with paint, markers, crayons, pencils, stamps, thread, fabric, lace, and 3D […]

Gilded Frame & Encaustic Painting Workshop

Gilded Frame & Encaustic Painting Workshop Adult Workshop

How a painting is presented can make all the difference, especially for small works. Think about the possibilities when conceiving and creating frame and painting together. In this class we will construct a beautiful frame that will accommodate a painted or collaged Encaustic piece of artwork. First, we will construct and embellish a frame from […]

Parent/Child Cornucopia Memory Box Workshop

Parent/Child Cornucopia Memory Box Workshop Youth  Workshop

Parents and children will spend a fun, relaxing afternoon creating an autumn theme memory box together. Create your own unique boxes to put photographs and other treasures inside. We will use dried harvested botanicals such as acorn caps, oak leaves, summer dried flowers, as well as colorful mulberry papers, ribbon, stones and more. Each parent/child […]

Leather Halloween Masks Workshop

Leather Halloween Masks Workshop Adult Workshop

Every goblin and ghoul loves a good mask and what better time to make one! Students will make a leather half mask that they have tooled, wet formed and dyed. Each mask will be as unique as the individual making it. This course will focus on teaching tooling skills, the wet forming process, choosing the […]

Parent & Child Workshop: Celebration Of Light

Parent & Child Workshop: Celebration Of Light Youth  Workshop

Paint and decorate a small house that holds an electric candle. Reflect on the qualities you would like to illuminate in your home this holiday season and those you would like to share with your community. Please note: tuition and material fees are per person.

Tickling Your Creative Bones Workshop

Tickling Your Creative Bones Workshop Adult Workshop

Designed for all who think they don’t have a creative bone in their body, or simply want to strengthen them, this hands-on workshop includes tips, examples and practices designed to boost our ways of creatively seeing and experiencing the world around us. We’ll begin by looking at ways to be open to creativity, like being […]

Sparkling Glass Mandala Workshop

Sparkling Glass Mandala Workshop Adult Workshop

Choose from a collection of glass pieces, ephemera and faceted beads to create a square mosaic window with wood frame. The finished glass art is 5” x 5”. All materials are provided and you are invited to bring additional beads or jewelry to personalize your piece.

Printing From Nature Workshop

Early fall is a wonderful time to gather nature's bounty to create prints on textiles and papers. Experiment with leaves, grasses, flowers and herbs while exploring color combinations, heat setting, printing techniques and composition. Materials and flora will be provided although students are welcome to bring additional delights.

Print, Carve. Repeat: Block Printing On Textiles & Papers


Using a soft carving medium you'll design, carve and print on textiles and papers while learning proper printing techniques. Experiment with a variety of inks, stamp pads, brayers and brushes as well as printing with found objects. Basic supplies will be provided although students may need to purchase additional materials.