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Person of the Week: A Place to Be Their Creative Selves

By Pam Johnson, Zip06, May 16, 2023

When Danielle Bargh couldn’t find a creative club supporting local teen artists, she reached out to Guilford Art Center (GAC), which welcomed Danielle to found the club she envisioned. The Guilford High School (GHS) junior, lifelong art lover, and self-taught digital artist now leads GAC’s Teen Art Club.

“I took it on as my capstone project, but this is something that I’ve wanted to do since at least September of last year,” says Danielle. “I’m a theater kid; I’ve also done art since I was very young. At Guilford High School, there’s a lot of shout-outs for kids in the music theater program, but I felt like there was a lack of a shout-out, of presentation, for kids who love art. So I wanted to create a space where those people could share their work, and promote their creativity, and therefore enrich the community.”

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