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Ramping up for the Great Give, May 1-2

The Great Give is right around the corner! This event is a unique opportunity to unite our community around causes in which we truly believe and help nonprofit organizations connect to the larger community.

On May 1-2, make a donation to Guilford Art Center (actually you can start giving right now!). All giving will end at 8:00PM on May 2, so make sure to get your gift in on time! We’ll be in touch about the special challenges and prizes that you can help us win to raise even more funds during that time.

Your support will allow us to fund the vital repair and equipment expenses we have this year. We are a victim of our own success – we have so many more people coming to our campus that some things are getting worn out! For example, we are looking at new weaving looms, 2 new electric kilns and a furnace in the school building. Plus there is repair work to our roof, siding and some a water mitigation project we need to fund.

Thanks to your donations, we’ll keep our outreach programs going, while everyone stays warm and dry! Thank you for your support.