Front of the House: Dining Together in Objects & Images

June 16 - July 23, 2017

This exhibition includes serving ware and art created by American artists that are fit for the table, or represent gathering to share a meal. Front of the House—restaurant lingo for where guests are seated—is open to works from the purely functional to the fanciful and even conceptual, and can include two-dimensional works.

To gather around food is an elemental ritual, a key aspect of everyday life across cultures and time. Artisans create serving pieces with their users in mind, and they can reflect and signify a host’s desire to provide hospitality. This exhibition will feature contemporary serving ware–plates, bowls, vessels, utensils, table settings, linens, etc.—designed to be presented with pride and generosity. It is also open to two-dimensional works such as still lives and other images of food and gathering.

Juror: Amy Kurtz Lansing, Curator, Florence Griswold Museum

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