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Featuring Guilford Art Center adult students who have taken a class between September 2016 and January 2018.

“The Student Exhibition is a great opportunity and “win-win” for its artists and Guilford Art Center,” says the Center’s Executive Director Maureen Belden. Students have the chance to present their work in a professional art gallery, and the Center has the privilege of showcasing the work being created by our student population—of all stages of learning, interest and abilities, and across the many media taught here. The breadth, depth and variety of creative expression on view celebrate the strengths of our community art center. We hope that gallery visitors are inspired and that participating artists, their fellow students, and their instructors feel proud. We are grateful to the students for sharing their work.”

The exhibition includes work by: Jim Abrahams, Rick Albee, Elizabeth Alcorn, Colt Allen, Eric R. Ambler, Irene Angiletta, Marilyn Arm, Christine Bekasi, Carol H. Bell, Helen Berke, Kip Bowman, Aida S. Canchola, Susana Cantu, Denise Casey, Katie D. Coleman, Valerie Cook, Valerie Cordiano, Rosemary Cotnoir, John Dailinger, Wendy Davis, Susan Doolittle, Jim Elting, Joe Fee, Stevie Flanagan, Gail Friedland, Sarah Geragotelis, Linda Giannelli, Barbara Segen Gould, Sallie Gouverneur, Jean Gresham, Gwen Gunn, Suzanne Hens-Kaplan, Monica Hewryk, Sharon Hirsch, Nancy Judd, Sheila Kaczmarek, Nancy Kearns, Wendy Kohli, Nora Kolbowski, Peggy Lawler, Lillian Levine, Molly McDonald, Susan McGlone, Nancy McNicol, Anne Merriam, Susan Mitchell, Patricia Narrow-Buda, Wendy Oestreicher, Aimee Thomas Oswalt, Jamie M. Page, Elizabeth Pasieka, Diana Perron, Kim Perugini, Lori Powlishen, Phyllis Quinn, Gritli Rabin, Priscilla Racki, Rod Recor, Nina Rose, Jodi Rucquoi, Ellen Ryerson, Rosemary Serfilippi, Nancy Sheinkman, Camilla Shulman, Susan Smith, Jane Stanton, Claudia Van Nes, Mace Vitale, Irene Watson, Marja Watson, Lynn Wilkinson, Martha Woodruff, MK Wynn, and Judith Anne Young.

This exhibit is sponsored, in part, by NewAlliance Foundation & The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Thank you to all of the participating artists, GAC instructors, and DeeDee Hakun and Lisa Wolkow for a beautiful installation.