Portrait & Figure Drawing

Learn the guidelines for creating a successfully executed human portrait. The first four weeks of class will cover portrait proportions, measurements, and shading, as well as creating natural looking hair […]

Painting Or Drawing The Portrait

Become more confident as a portraitist and capture the personality of your subject in your art. Students already confident in a medium other than graphite pencil (e.g. oil, acrylic, pastels, […]

Smooth Painting With Pastels

Working on smooth surfaces with pastels enables you to blend your colors smoothly and quickly; it lends itself to creating color almost by "accident." One can move  pastels quickly and […]

February Vacation: Still Life Painting

Using watercolor pencils and canvas students will draw from a still life and will learn a new way of seeing the ordinary objects around them. Perspective, watercolor painting techniques, and […]

Drawing For All

Students will draw with graphite pencil, learning about line, dark and light values, composition and more. We will turn the ordinary into the sublime, working from a still life (and […]

Colored Pencils Workshop

We've all used colored pencils at some point in our lives, but let's spend two hours finding out what they really can do.This workshop will explore different types of blending techniques, scumbling, […]