The exhibition EIGHT ’18, celebrates the work of a longtime group of Connecticut artists who work in a variety of media. The artists of EIGHT ’18 all hail from the Hartford area: Joanne Barry-Dutro; Francie Berquist; Sheri Ellis; Marsha Lewis; Jo McGinnis; Donna Namnoum; Kelly Smurthwiate; and Mary Lou Solomon. Featured works include painting, sculpture, drawing and mixed media.

According to the artist-members: “We are a group of eight artists, colleagues and friends, who for many years have a link to fine arts and teaching. After many years of gathering to discuss art, ideas and life’s many turns, we are coming together again to show our work as a group for a fourth time. Each of us has exhibited individually in the Hartford area and in galleries throughout New England and the country in addition to group shows in Hartford. We are honored to be exhibiting together at the Guilford Art Center this year for the first time.”

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